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Best Scream-Free Brushes

The original (and only) Scream-Free Brushes

  • The best brushes you’ve ever had
    Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brushes all feature a unique combination of natural boar bristles and hand dipped Nylon detangling pins designed to smooth, soften and shine hair. Scream-Free Brushes are the best choice to prevent fallout or breakage and promote longer, healthier hair growth.
  • Designed by Aussie mums
    We developed our Scream-Free Brushes after trying every other brush on the market and being disappointed in the resulting tears and tantrums. Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brushes are designed, manufactured, sold and supported by us, and only us. Because we’re proud of what we’re doing to help other parents, and we’re proudly Australian.
  • Natural boar bristles
    A quick way to spot a Scream-Free Brush is to check the bristles. High quality natural boar bristles fade to yellow at the ends and are much softer than synthetic imitations. Natural bristles soften and shine your hair using your natural scalp oils to condition from scalp to tip. They’re also far softer than synthetic bristles, which reduces static buildup and sensory overload.
  • Hand dipped Nylon detangling pins
    Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brushes have hand-dipped Nylon Detangling Pins, making it softer on the scalp. It’s time-consuming work, but it creates a brush that detangles with ease, reducing fall out, breakage and the tugging associated with detangling hair. The Nylon tips also act as a wear indicator to let you know when it’s time for replacement by gradually wearing down, so you’ll always get the most Scream-Free experience possible. Soft on sensitive scalps, Scream-Free Brushes live up to their name every day in homes all over the world.
  • Lightweight, strong and recyclable
    Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brushes are made from ABS Thermoplastic, the same as Lego, with a tensile strength around 6,600psi! (Concrete is 300-700psi). ABS is not only ultra-tough, it’s also entirely recyclable, so when it’s time to replace your Scream-Free Brush, you can confidently add it to your recycling where it can be fully recycled.
  • Maxi and ultra-soft Palm Flexi
    Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brushes come in two sizes: The bigger, stronger Maxi and the ultra-soft Palm Flexi. Both are suited to all hair types with the Maxi being particularly good for thicker, longer hair while the Palm Flexi is best for small children, finer hair and those with sensory issues. The nimble Palm Flexi is also perfect for adding those finishing touches to your style or to get the perfect ponytail or bun after the Maxi has done the heavy lifting.
    The Palm Flexi is also a dancer’s best friend, by being the gentlest way to brush our hair spray.
  • Wet or dry
    Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brushes work on wet or dry hair. While regular brushes tend to cause breakage of wet hair, both the Maxi and Palm Flexi are so gentle by design, you don’t need to worry about damage or breakage and can just get on with your routine. For those washing their hair more regularly, Ugly Swan also have the perfect companion product in their Unicorn Hair Towels. With their bespoke Cygnet-Soft Technology, Unicorn Hair Towels are ultra-soft to touch, yet absorb seven times their weight in water and dry hair up to five times faster than cotton. That’s about one litre of water absorption in around seven minutes! This means you can cut blow-drying time in half, with no friction damage and less frizz.
  • Don’t get tangled up in cheap imitations
    Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brushes were designed by us; three mums from Adelaide who struggled with brushing our kids hair due to a combination of sensory issues, and children’s scalps just generally being more sensitive than adults. It was through our intense development and rigorous testing that the Scream-Free Brushes were produced exactly to our needs. We’re so confident you’ll enjoy a Scream-Free Brushing experience, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee!