About Ugly Swan®




Welcome to Ugly Swan®, your ultimate destination for premium Scream-Free® Brushes and Hairvenly™ hair care solutions, proudly crafted in Australia. Established by two dedicated mothers, Marissa McLoughlin and Annette Short, our journey commenced with a heartfelt mission: to support families in conquering the daily challenge of brushing their children's hair, particularly those facing sensory sensitivities.

Our Inspiration

As mothers ourselves, we intimately comprehend the trials of caring for daughters with sensory sensitivities, especially in the realm of hair care. We deeply empathize with the tears and stress that often accompany the daily hair brushing ritual, despite experimenting with numerous brushes available in the market. Through connecting with other parents navigating similar struggles, we realized a collective need for solutions. This shared journey ignited the inception of our beloved Ugly Swan® Scream-Free® Brushes.

Our Commitment

Embarking on a new chapter, we relinquished our established careers to focus wholeheartedly on crafting a line of Scream-Free® Brushes that truly deliver on their promise and enable families to "Win The War On Hair®." Our brushes delicately detangle hair, even on the most sensitive scalps. Uniquely designed for Ugly Swan®, they boast natural boar bristles that evenly distribute your scalp's natural oils, nurturing your hair. Hand-dipped nylon pins ensure gentle detangling without causing irritation or discomfort, ensuring a tear-free hair brushing experience.

Why The Name Ugly Swan

Ugly Swan is a clever play on words that combines contrasting elements to create an oxymoron.

  1. Ugly: Typically, the term "ugly" is associated with something unattractive or unpleasant to look at. In this context, it might refer to the common struggle many people face with their hair, whether it's tangled, frizzy, or generally unruly.
  2. Swan: Swans are often seen as elegant, graceful creatures, symbolizing beauty and purity. The imagery of a swan invokes notions of poise and refinement.

By combining these contrasting concepts, "Ugly Swan" creates a striking contrast that captures attention and intrigue. It suggests a transformation from something less desirable (ugly) to something beautiful and elegant (swan), aligning with the transformation your hair undergoes with the use of our products – from tangled and unkempt to smooth and well-managed.

Overall, the name Ugly Swan is memorable and effectively communicating the essence of our business – providing solutions for hair care challenges to achieve beautiful results.

Scream-Free Brushes®

Our innovative brushes condition your hair using your own natural oils, keeping it cleaner for longer periods. This is ideal for those with sensitivities to frequent hair washing and drying. We introduced our first range of Scream-Free Hair Brushes® in July 2017 and have since become pioneers in revolutionizing hair care.

Unicorn Hair Towels®

Building on the success of our Scream-Free® Brushes, we proudly present our Unicorn Hair Towels®. With our proprietary Cygnet-Soft Technology, these towels are incredibly soft to the touch and absorb seven times their weight in water. They dry hair up to five times faster than cotton towels without the need for vigorous rubbing. This means you can cut your blow-drying time in half, resulting in less friction damage and reduced frizz.

Recognized and Loved Our dedication and commitment to making hair care a peaceful and bonding experience have earned us recognition and love from across the industry. We've been featured in renowned publications such as Women's Weekly, Woman's Day, Who Magazine, and News.com. We're also proud to have been promoted and endorsed by Adelady Magazine, South Aussie with Cosi from Channel 9, Chloe Morello, and Kids in Adelaide.

With over 10,000 five-star reviews, we've left a positive impact on thousands of families. Award-Winning Excellence We're thrilled to announce that our dedication to hair care excellence was recognized with the Best Hair Brush award for our Scream Free® Maxi Detangling Hair Brush in the Prevention Australia Healthy Hair Awards 2023.


We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to our lineup. In July 2023, we proudly launched our latest hair care range, specifically crafted to meet the demands of conscious consumers. Our new range is a testament to our commitment to innovation and the well-being of both your hair and the planet.

100% Organic and Vegan

We understand the importance of using products that align with your values. That's why our new hair care range is 100% organic and vegan. You can rest assured that no animal by-products were used, and no harm was done to our furry friends. We believe in providing hair care solutions that are not only effective but also ethical.

Paraben & Sulphate-Free

We've eliminated parabens and sulphates from our formulations, prioritizing the health and vitality of your hair. Parabens and sulphates have been linked to various concerns, and we've taken a stand against using them in our products. With our new range, you can enjoy a cleaner and gentler hair care experience.

Made in Australia

As an Australian brand, we take immense pride in our roots. Our new hair care range is proudly made in Australia, using high-quality ingredients sourced from our beautiful homeland. By choosing Hairvenly, you're supporting local craftsmanship and sustainable practices. A Commitment to Your Well-being Our commitment to providing you with the best possible hair care experience remains at the forefront of our mission. We've carefully designed our new range to cater to the diverse needs of our customers while adhering to our core principles of quality, ethics, and sustainability. We invite you to explore our new organic, vegan, paraben, and sulphate-free hair care range, created with love and care for you and the environment. As always, your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.

A Heartfelt Thank You We extend our heartfelt thanks to our loyal customers for helping us spread the word and empower other families to experience the difference our products can make. Your success stories have touched our hearts, and we feel privileged to have made a positive impact on you and your families. We look forward to continuing this journey with you and helping more families "Win The War On Hair®."

With gratitude,

Marissa McLoughlin and Annette Short