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About Ugly Swan



Behind the name of Ugly Swan are three passionate mums that all have daughters and have all experienced the war on hair in the morning.  We have had the tears, the tantrums and the abuse that can come along with hair brushing and we know how exhausting this can be.  We have gone to chemists, hairdressers and supermarkets emptying our purses to try to find a solution, only to find that we had tears again the next morning.  

We decided that we would be the mums that could bring peaceful brushing to families and we went on a mission to find the answer.  So we became the Research Queens - and Ugly Swan launched their Scream-Free Brushes ™ on the 1st of July 2017.

We know what it is like to run a family and we know that the daily little things matter.  It can make a difference of getting everyone to school on time, you can have the cuppa in the morning when you don't have the battles.

Our mission is to find products that help deal with the daily Uglies that can drag you down, so you have more time to enjoy what’s most important to you.

Our promise is that any products developed by us which we put our name to, will do what we say it does.

Marissa McLoughlin, Annette Short and Marisa Kent