Frequently Asked Questions


 How much is postage?

We Currently offer FREE SHIPPING in Australia on all orders over $90 all orders under $90 have flat rate of $9.95.  

EXPRESS SHIPPING is available for $12.95  We are committed to keeping our costs as low as possible!

Do you ship overseas? 

Yes we offer flat rate shipping OS and is capped at $17AUD.

How do I track my order? 

Once your order has been placed you will receive a tracking number that can be used to track your delivery.  Australia Post recommends allowing up to 5 - 7 business days anywhere in Australia.

How long does it take from the time I order to the time I receive it?

We pride ourselves on getting your shipment out within 24 hours.  Shipped to you via Australia Post so it is secure and easily tracked. Australia Post recommends allowing up to 5 - 7 business days anywhere in Australia.

Scream-Free Brushes® What's so good about this brush?

First and foremost it works and follows through on its promise!

Our brush is designed to detangle the thickest or thinnest of hair without pulling and tugging, with its combination of Natural Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins.  Natural bristles use your natural scalp oils to nourish your hair from scalp to tip.  They smooth, soften and shine the hair.  There are many brushes that may look similar on the market but they have synthetic bristles (plastic) and won't give you the same result as natural bristles.   

What is Special About a Boar Bristle Brush?

Boar bristle brushes are special because boar hair is similar to human hair - it’s soft yet strong, and flexible yet durable. It takes less time to brush with a boar brush as opposed to other brush types and you'll experience softer and healthier hair that is more manageable.

Read more under each description to find out all the features and benefits.

Is a Detangling Brush Better Than a Comb?

When using combs, the teeth can pull and stretch hair at its weakest, resulting in hair breakage. Ugly Swan® detangling brushes are safer than using combs and are perfect for use on wet, damp, or dry hair. The large curved paddle shape allows the brush to grab more hair than a comb, cutting down on brushing time.

Does a Detangling Brush Damage Your Hair?

When used correctly, detangling brushes will not cause damage to your hair. In fact, when used instead of other types of brushes or combs, a detangling brush will reduce the risk of your hair breaking, and be much more gentle on the scalp and hair.

Should Detangling Brushes Be Used When Hair is Wet?

Not all detangling brushes are designed to be used on wet hair, however, the Ugly Swan Scream-Free® Hair Detangling Brushes' unique design makes them gentle enough to use safely on both wet and dry hair without the risk of hair breakage.

The Wet Scream Free Hair Brush®  has been specifically designed to be used on hair that's wet, either during or after a shower or swim. The wet detangling brushes have an ultra-soft paddle with individual fingers made of flexi-tech bristles that contour to the scalp making it soft enough to use on wet hair and perfect for even the thickest or very curly hair.

What's The Difference Between the Scream-Free® Maxi & Palm Detangling Brush & the Scream-Free® Wet Detangling Brush?

Whereas the Scream-Free® Maxi & Palm detangling brush uses a combination of nylon pins and natural boar bristles, the new Ugly Swan Scream-Free® Wet Vegan Boar Bristle Brush, has been designed with an ultra-soft paddle with only  flexi-tech bristles. Our wet brush is a perfect solution for those seeking a vegan detangling brush.

The construction of the wet detangling brush makes it best for use on wet hair, particularly those with thick hair, long hair and curly hair.

Both detangling brushes remove tangles with ease and will not pull or break the hair.

The boar bristles used in our boar bristle detangling brushes have the benefit of distributing the natural hair oils from the roots to the ends working to smooth the hair and provide a natural shine.

The Maxi is 25cm x 8cm

The Wet brush is 24cm x 8cm

The Palm Brush is 16cm x 5cm

The Baby Brush  is 21cm x 5cm

What's the Difference Between the Scream-Free Maxi and Scream-Free® Palm Brush?

While the Scream-Free™ Maxi detangling brush has a paddle shape large enough to brush even the thickest and longest hair, the Scream-Free™ Flexi Palm brush has been designed to be more compact. Both the handle and the paddle are smaller, making the Palm brush perfect for kids to use or someone who prefers to carry their brush in their bag or for use as a travel brush.

Can you really win the war on hair ® in the morning?

Our promise to you is that YES you can.  Follow our instructions and you will have no more tears, arguments in the morning.  It won’t make you a coffee and it won’t make you a better singer but it will give you that bit of extra time in the morning to have a coffee and you may be in a better mood to sing a little louder.

Will this really work on my child with sensory issues?

We have trialed this on thousands of children and on lots of children with sensory issues.  Have a read of our reviews and you will see that the answer is YES.

Do regular brushes really hurt?

Yes, during our trials we found that a lot of children have had traumatic experiences from plastic brushes that have pulled, torn and hurt their head.  Many children were so scared to try the brush, once they realised it doesn’t hurt they were so relieved that they even started brushing their own hair.

Can I use the Scream-Free Brushes ® on curly hair?

If you want to keep your curls we suggest you use the Wet Scream-Free® Hair Brush on wet hair otherwise it will relax your curls.

Do Scream-Free Brushes ®  Stop Fizz?

With the natural Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins it will naturally condition, smooth, soften, detangle and shine your hair. Our Brushes massage the scalp, increasing the blood flow and it also cleans the hair follicles. One thing that is important in hair growth is blood flow to the hair follicles .

Will using this brush get rid of Dandruff?

Using a good brush is often underestimated.  Boar bristles clean your hair from scalp to tip and this helps remove dandruff. Our brush also massages the scalp, which in turn regulates the scalps oil.

Can I use the Scream-Free Brushes®with a hair dryer?

We do not recommend using a hair dryer with our Scream-Free® Range as you can melt the bristles if direct heat is applied.  We developed our Pro+Series to be used with a hair dryer and give that salon smooth finish. 

How often should I replace my brush?

As our brush contains natural bristles that collect dead skin cells, bacteria and scalp oils, we recommend for hygiene and maximum satisfaction replacing your brush every 6-12 months.

Hair Towels

1. Is the fibre really absorbent?

Yes, the moisture wicking fibre helps draw water from the hair to the towel.

2. Why is this hair towel better than a tear drop shape 

This hair towel is unique in its enormous size, allowing the thickest or longest hair to be wrapped in the water wicking fibre, then twisted to stay secure on your head. It is held tight with a large elastic loop, so no ugly buttons to fumble with or have fall off.

3.  Size

The hair towel is 60cm by 80cm long.  It is an open design that wraps your hair.  


1. What warranties do you offer?

Ugly Swan offers a 14 day money back guarantee, for you to be able to experience peaceful brushing. If you are not completely satisfied please return your brush for a full refund (please note we don't refund postage and return postage will be at your expense).  If the items sent received free postage a postage free of $8.95 will be deducted from the refund.

We quality check all our products before packaging, however, occasionally a fault may occur. This would normally happen within the first two weeks. We do not accept product returns due to change of mind or after 14 days due to hygiene reasons. General wear and tear is not covered under faulty workmanship.

2. Faulty Workmanship

We quality check all our products before packaging, however, occasionally a fault may occur.  This would normally happen within the first two week.  We do not accept product returns, due to change of mind, or after 14 days due to hygiene reasons.  General wear and tear will not be covered under faulty workmanship.


 3.  Brush Care

Keeping your Ugly Swan Scream-Free® brushes clean will give you the best brush experience every time, so make sure you know how to clean a boar bristle brush.

Here’s how to keep your brush clean to ensure it is hygienic and functional:

  • Always remove any loose hairs after brushing
  • About once a month, use warm water and shampoo to wash the brush bristle area (don’t put the handle in the water). Use a brush cleaner to rub the bristles and clear out any debris
  • Let the brush air dry completely before use