tangle free hairbrushing for kids

Finding a Tangle Free Hair Brush for Kids

The Inspiration for a Tangle Free Hair Brush for Kids

I used to think to brush my daughter's hair would be a pleasant bonding experience.  Boy was I wrong! It was an exorcism every morning in our house. I needed a tangle free hair brush for kids and had bought every brush possible over the years. Started with the supermarkets, moved to the Pharmacy then to the salons and all resulted in the same horrific morning experience.

My daughter would yell, scream and say I was hurting her.  I had no idea what to do as we had to brush her hair for school.  I could not send my daughter looking unkempt but, was it worth the tears and trauma I was causing her?  I often ended up just putting her thick curly hair up in any sort of ponytail I could muster with the least pain and tears.

I mentioned my dilemma to my friends and other mums at school and low and behold it was not just me, tangled hair was a universal problem. This torture and trauma were happening in every home, in every street around the world. We were all having the same morning drama and trauma. What had happened over the years?  What had changed in hair brushes and brushing hair? We investigated the change in brushes and to our surprise, the 80s have a lot to answer for.

Yes, we all had big hair and lots of hairspray - not to mention bubble gum jeans and big earrings; but that’s another story. In the 80s brushes changed. Do you all remember the vent brushes? yep that was the start of the plastic torture and it has continued creating dramas for mums and dads all over the world, and I thought it was just my child being extra sensitive and whinging. She had a reason to! I was ripping her hair out - unbeknownst to me - and causing unnecessary pain.

I never wanted to hurt her doing this but I had tried everything I could. So the investigation began to find out what not only makes the best tangle free hair brush for kids, but the best hair brush. The answer is simple: It's an Ugly Swan Scream-Free Hair Brush®. The perfect brushing experience.


Existing Hairbrush Problems

If you remember The Brady Bunch, you'll remember Marsha and Jan always brushing their hair (or maybe it was your grandma saying brush your hair 100 times.) That was a natural boar bristles brush, but the problem with just natural bristles is that you do have to do it 100 times or more as they don’t easily get through all of your hair. Especially if you have really thick hair.

They can also cost you big bucks.  A natural boar bristle brush helps distribute your natural oils from scalp to tip cleaning and conditioning your hair the whole way down, preventing dandruff, greasy scalp and removing bacteria from your hair and scalp to stimulate hair growth. This leaves your hair cleaner, shinier and softer than ever. However, a detangling brush should also have large-dipped nylon bristles to reach right through your gorgeous locks and be usable as a wet brush. With the Ugly Swan Scream-Free® hair brush, you always begin at the top and work your way gently down the hair de-tangling as you go. Totally opposite to what I thought or did with my "K-Mart Plastic Torture Brush 3000!" I used to work the knots from bottom up.

Ugly Swan Scream-Free® Hairbrushes Were Born

Myself, and my two business partners (also mums) were the queens of research and found an awesome manufacturing company to work with us to design and produce our ideal hair brush. They are not made in China and definitely not a copy! We made these from scratch. We designed two brushes: The Maxi hair brush is a larger brush to cope with the thickest, longest hair and the Palm Flexi is the perfect tangle free hair brush for kids, an essential item for the immaculate dance hair and up styles. They are excellent for wet or dry hair and the Palm Flexi is my handbag and travel companion. I don’t leave home without it.

tangle free hairbrush for kids


Tangle Free Hair Brushes For Kids With Sensory Issues

We also know a lot of people and children with sensory issues, so adding a gentle flex to our palm size brush allows them to be less scared of brushing, and actually do it themselves. We are proud to be able to partake in an effort to help those that have special difficulties and this is a cause that we are very passionate about.

I know this sounds unheard of for many but believe me when I say we now have 3-year-olds brushing their own hair and loving it! If you are like me and have daughters that hate brushing their hair, then give the Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brushes® a go. You won't be disappointed when the hair brush glides through various hair types whether wet hair or dry hair. Take it from these three mums, who are on a mission to end the morning exorcisms, and WIN THE WAR ON HAIR!

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