Kids Hair Detangler Brush

Kids Hair Detangler Brush

My daughter's hair taught us that kid's hair is prone to tangle and knot easily. If you also have a child who is prone to tangled hair, you’ll know how difficult it is to detangle without the right brush. The morning routine can become a battlefield as you try to encourage your child to sit still as you attempt to brush out their knots without pulling at the scalp. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Natural boar bristle brushes and hand-dipped flexible nylon pins are designed to gently move through the tangles without tugging, pulling, or detangling spray. The right combination of bristles and pins offer comfort and hair detangling power.   

A Hair Detangler Brush for All Hair Types

When faced with their child’s head full of knots, many parents start by brushing out the largest knots at the ends while they hold the hair so it doesn’t pull at the scalp. But using a high quality natural boar bristle, you’re best to start at the forehead and brush down using the scalp’s natural oils to help with conditioning the hair, particularly if it’s dry and/or fine hair.

Our Palm Flexi hair detangler brush is an excellent choice for kid's hair as we designed it for all hair types. From thick hair to fine hair, and for a comfortable experience with either wet or dry hair.

Sensitive Scalps

Some parents think their kids over-react when their hair is being brushed. The slightest tug of their hair or stroke of the scalp with a hard, plastic brush can cause a flood of tears and howls. What many parents don’t realise is that young children have far more sensitive scalps than adults. Hard pins or bristles on brushes can scratch delicate skin on the head and having the hair pulled at the scalp can be very painful. 

Natural boar bristles don’t pull or tug at the hair like cheap plastic brushes do so the morning tears and tantrums are a thing of the past. A palm sized natural boar bristle brush is ideal for children to learn to brush their own hair. They feel in control and realise the nylon pins and boar bristles don’t hurt, no matter how tangled their morning mop of wet or dry hair may be. 

For children with a sensory issue disorder or autism, having their hair brushed can feel like a daily torture. These children need the gentleness of natural boar bristles that flex against the head and glide effortlessly through the tangles with the help of soft hand-dipped nylon pins.      

Preventing Lice

Finding lice in their child’s hair is a nightmare for many parents. Some parents go to extreme measures of using expensive preventative treatments to make sure their child’s hair stays nit-free. Liberally spraying the hair and school hats can be avoided if other natural preventions are used.   

Lice like freshly washed, clean hair so children’s hair should only be washed once a week. By washing it on a Saturday, your child’s hair will never be newly washed on a school day, reducing the risk of a dreaded infestation. 

Using a natural boar bristle brush can stop the hair looking greasy by the end of the week because the natural oils are brushed out of the crown and down the hair shaft. 

Children with long hair should wear it tied up in a ponytail, plait, or bun so it’s less likely to come into contact with their classmate’s hair. Getting a smooth, lump-free ponytail is made possible with a brush that sits within the palm. There’s more control of the brush for up-dos when there’s no long handle to contend with.     

If the morning routine is more like going into battle against tangles, the weapon of choice should be a natural boar bristle brush

We should know, the three founders of Ugly Swan have children who used to complain every morning when it was time to do their hair until we came up with the perfect hair brushes for kids and adults. The brushes have not only tamed the tangles but also the tantrums. 

If you have any queries about choosing the right hair detangler brush or kid's hair care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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