Best Brush for Fine Hair

Best Brush for Fine Hair

If you or your child has wispy, fine hair, you’ll know all about knots and tangles. The dreaded morning routine of detangling the mat of knots can be a tough way to start your day.  The solution to your problems can be as simple as changing your hair brush. 

Characteristics of Fine Hair

When we’re talking about fine hair, it’s the circumference of the hair strand that we’re referring to while thin hair refers to your head of hair. So it’s possible for a person with fine strands of hair to have a thick or thin head of hair.

Fine hair doesn’t hold hairstyles as well as medium or coarse hair. Fine hair often lacks protein compared to thicker hair. 

Medium and coarse strands of hair have three components - the outer cuticle layer, the cortex and the medulla. Fine hair is missing the innermost structure, the medulla. This can make the stand so thin that it’s difficult to see with the naked eye or can look translucent. 

When we think of fine hair, we often imagine dead straight hair but fine hair can be curly with little volume.

Fine hair is lightweight and prone to breakage. So the brush you choose is very important if you have fine hair. 

Children often have fine hair which thickens with age, particularly after puberty. Hair thickness is hereditary so if you or your partner have fine hair, it’s likely your children will too. 

Best Brush for Fine Hair

The Ugly Swan Scream-Free™ natural boar bristle brush doesn’t pull or tug at tangled hair so it’s less likely to break compared to using plastic brushes. The boar bristles also distribute the scalp’s natural oils and remove debris from the hair which provides extra protection for fine, dry ends. 

People with fine hair often complain of their hair becoming greasy quicker than those with thicker hair and therefore needing to wash it more frequently. A natural boar bristle brush can help distribute scalp oils along the hair shaft so the crown isn’t as greasy.  

If you have fine, short hair, choose the Ugly Swan Scream-Free™ Palm Hair Brush. For longer tresses the full-size Ugly Swan Scream-Free™ Maxi Detangling Hair Brush is best. Whichever brush you choose, you’re covered by our money-back guarantee.  

Some people with fine hair choose to blow dry after washing to help add volume. If this is you, it’s best to use a Ceramic Barrel Brush because it’s designed to cope with the heat of a blow dryer.

The thermal barrel brush uses ionic nano-technology to hydrate the cuticle and minimise flyaways and frizz. Use a barrel brush to straighten, smooth and add volume to hair to make it look healthy and shiny. At least thin hair doesn't take as long to blow dry as thick locks!

If you have any queries about which hairbrush is right for you, get in contact with us.

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