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What is the Best Brush for Controlling Frizzy Hair?

What is the Best Brush for Controlling Frizzy Hair?
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The aim of the game with frizzy hair is to improve moisture, particularly at the ends of the hair where it’s likely to be even drier. Boar bristles are naturally designed with microscopic scales that take the moisture from the scalp and re-distribute it along the length of the shaft as nature intended. You won’t find a plastic brush that can do that!

Many people with naturally frizzy hair use hair products to lock in the moisture. By using a natural boar bristle brush you can do away with the leave-in conditioner, skip the serums and use your natural oils in the scalp. 

The Ugly Swan Scream-Free™ brush uses dual technology of natural boar bristles with soft nylon pins to win the war on two fronts - dryness and knots.. The natural boar bristles improve the hair’s moisture by removing the build-up of sebum around the scalp and the nylon pins help with detangling the hair.