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Turbie Is No Match For The Unicorn Hair Towel

Just about everyone I know has bought many hair towels. We have all tried to make those supermarket twisty things work but in all honesty, I've always found water still dripping down my daughters back soaking her jarmies. I used to struggle just trying to do them up and if it was one with a button, forget it. The elastic never seemed long enough to even reach that button. I felt like Houdini trying to do a magic trick trying to do it up. My daughter's hair used to hang out the back of it and it would normally fall off before her hair was even remotely dry.

Sound familiar? I hated them! You can imagine my frustration every hair washing night. There had to be a solution out there, but where? So, it was up to Ugly Swan to create it. These three Aussie mums went on a mission to hunt for the perfect fibre. It had to be soft to touch yet extremely absorbent. Eventually, we developed our special microfibre with Cygnet-Soft Technology. Next was the design: What do you want in a hair towel? Why make a hair towel that doesn’t fit long hair? I wanted it long enough to fit my daughter's hair. Easy enough to put it on, even for children to be able to do it themselves and I wanted it to stay put once it was on. Yes, cartwheel proof. We named it the Unicorn Hair Towel because the final product was so good, it was like magic!

The Ugly Swan Unicorn Hair Towel is 80cm long, wide and open so it easily wraps the longest, thickest hair down to thinner toddler's hair. I now have short hair, but I would never even consider washing it without the Unicorn hair towel on hand. The Cygnet Soft Technology is soft to touch and not catchy on your hands like the others. My daughter hated the feeling of those (and so did I). The Unicorn Hair Towel is moulded, so it fits snuggly on the back of your head. It allows your hair to be wrapped and it sucks up to 1 litre of water from your hair in minutes. This means no more wet jarmies!!

Oh, and the Unicorn Hair Towel is also friction-free, meaning it reduces frizz and prevents breakage. The worst thing you can do for your hair is to leave it wet, as this is when your hair is at its weakest, so it's really important to get the water out as quick as possible! Don’t even get me started about rubbing with a towel. Just don’t do it peeps. If you want to cut your hair drying routine in half then I guarantee you will love and Ugly Swan Unicorn Hair Towel. We don’t promise your hair will look blow-dried when you take it off like other misleading marketing out there, but we do promise it will be touch dry in 10 minutes.

Parents and kids also love that it's easy to do up with its large elastic loop. There’s no clumsy button to fumble with! Best of all, Ugly Swan Unicorn Hair Towels come in funky tie-dye designs so you can look amazing at the same time. My kids and I, and the insta-famous Chloe Morello also love using it to keep the hair off our face when doing our skincare routine or applying my makeup.

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