How to Brush Hair Extensions

How to Brush Hair Extensions

If you’ve spent time and money on hair extensions, you want to look after them. It’s understandable that you might be worried about brushing your extensions but with the right tool and technique, you can brush hair extensions to keep them in top condition. 

Best Brush for Hair Extensions

To give your hair extensions the care they deserve, it’s worth investing in a good quality brush. A boar bristle brush is the best type of brush for hair extensions as it doesn’t tug or pull at hair like brushes with inflexible pins. You need a brush that gently glides through the hair leaving it soft and shiny rather than broken and frizzy. 

How to Brush Extensions

The Ugly Swan Extension Brush is made of natural boar bristles and nylon pins and is safe and effective for all types of hair extensions. Because the bristles and pins are so soft and flexible, there’s no risk of damaging the weft of extensions. They also help prevent split ends, breakage, dandruff and an oily scalp. 

Start at the scalp and brush down the hair shaft to safely to remove the tangles without damaging the extension. The bristles are also designed to reduce the frizz that can occur on dry, damaged extensions. The palm size gives you maximum control of the brush and allows you to feel the extension as you move the brush through your hair.  

Removable extensions should be brushed before applying and again before storing them away to keep them in good condition. 

The Ugly Swan Extension Brush comes in three gorgeous colours to choose from - mermaid, rosegold and chameleon.      

FAQs for Caring For Hair Extensions

Here are the As to your Qs about hair extension care. 

Can I Brush Wet Hair Extensions?
Yes, provided you use the right brush, it’s safe to brush your extensions while wet. In fact, it’s best to remove any knots that have appeared after washing your hair before the hair dries in a tangled mess. 

After washing, squeeze the excess water out then remove most of the moisture by using a Unicorn Hair Towel. The soft microfiber dries hair five times faster than using a cotton towel. Using a wrap rather than a standard towel means there’s no friction damage to your hair. 

You can then dry your hair with a blow-dryer on a cool setting (the hottest blow-dryer setting can damage all hair types). For the bouncy blow-out salon look, use a Thermal Ceramic Barrel Brush. The barrels come in two sizes depending on the look you’re after.  

Do I Need a Loop Brush? 
No, you don’t need to worry about using a loop brush. A boar bristle brush is gentle and won’t cause pulling or tugging on the extension. The Ugly Swan extension brush will avoid any damage and prevent hair extensions from becoming loose.  

How Do I Prevent Frizzy Hair Extensions?
The most common reason for human hair extensions to go dry and frizzy is because they aren’t receiving the oil (sebum) from your scalp. Oil is what keeps hair soft and in good condition. The most effective way of moving oil from the scalp to the ends is to use natural boar bristles. The tiny scales on boar bristles absorb the oil from the scalp and distribute it down the hair shaft as you brush - just the way nature intended. The brushes also help regulate your oil production and means you won’t need to wash your hair as often.  

Can I Wash My Hair with Extensions as Normal? 
It’s best to reduce how often you wash your hair if you’re a daily hair washer. Besides, you’ll find that by using a boar bristle brush, there is no need to wash it daily because you won’t get the build-up of oil at the scalp that causes the lank look. Your hair will get used to not being washed as frequently so it looks cleaner for longer. Extending the days between washing hair saves time in the shower and on drying and styling.  

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