Brushing out Beach Hair

Brushing out Beach Hair

Like most Australians, you probably love spending time with the kids at the beach. Building sand castles, playing in the surf and relaxing on the sand is a summer weekend well spent. But it’s the hair aftermath that isn’t so fun!  

Two Kinds of Beach Hair

Beach hair is a hairdresser’s definition of hair that’s full of volume and texture that looks effortlessly styled. It’s the look of a surfing model wearing this season’s bikini with perfect looking tousled locks.

But if you’re a parent of young children, your definition of beach hair is likely very different from the fashion magazine. After a day in the sun and surf, your child’s hair can resemble a salty, tangled mess. Just like the model, there’s no shortage of volume but in your child’s case, it’s knots not casual curls!  

Damaged Beach Hair

The salt sticks to the surface of the hair pulling moisture out of the hair shaft and leaving a crusty residue. The salt residue causes the hair to clump together and tangle. 

Washing the salt out of hair straight after a swim in the surf is ideal but not always possible. The next best option is to brush the salt and tangles from the hair so it doesn’t cause further damage. 

Most of us have experienced the pain of brushing salt-encrusted, knotty hair and you can’t blame your kids for baulking when they see a brush or comb after the beach. But with the right brush it doesn’t need to be a painful experience. 

Brushing out Salt and Sand 

Brushing out a child’s salty, matted mess is enough to leave both parent and child traumatised! You’ve no doubt thought there must be a better way. 

Our Scream Free™ brushes use natural boar bristles that remove the salt and help soften the hair as the scalp oils condition the hair from scalp to tip. The hand dipped nylon pins go to work on the tangles gently parting without breaking or tugging the hair. For beach hair, you’re best to use the bigger, stronger Maxi brush which can deal with the tangles that come with beach hair. 

Scream Free™ brushes can be used on wet or dry hair. So whether your child has just come out of the salt water or their hair has already dried off, you can use a Scream Free brush without worrying about hair breakage or damage. 

A high quality brush with natural bristles means there’s no need to use any after sun conditioning treatments or detangling sprays. Save your money on expensive products and invest in a long-lasting natural bristle brush instead. 

You’ll be amazed at the difference between a plastic and natural bristle brush when it comes to dealing with hair that shows it’s had a good day on the sand and surf. 

Check out the range of Maxi and Detangling Scream-Free™ brushes, perfect for taming tangled beach locks. 

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