A Detangling Brush to De-Stress Your Morning

A Detangling Brush to De-Stress Your Morning

Kids bed head is the cause of stress and tears in many households, making the morning routine painful for everyone. Using a dedicated detangling brush that’s designed to work through knots and tangles on any hair type will ensure your morning routine doesn’t include tears or tantrums. The right tool is all it takes to improve the start of your day.

What Makes Scream-Free™ The Best Detangling Brushes

A mix of properties make Scream-Free brushes ideal to use on the toughest tangles.

Combination of Pins & Bristles

The Scream-Free brush uses a combination of soft, large hand-dipped pins and natural boar bristles that work together to tease out the knots and matts. Kids’ scalps are sensitive so the pins in our brush are very flexible to contour to the head and won’t scratch the delicate skin.

Some brushes are made of ‘synthetic boar bristles’ but most of the benefits of good quality boar bristle can’t be replicated in a factory. Natural boar bristles distribute the scalp’s natural oils right to the end of the hair shaft where hair is driest and most likely to split. Only nature can produce these amazing properties. As much as man tries, there is no substitute for natural boar bristle!  

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Sensory Issues

It’s the combination of high-quality bristles and pins that makes our brushes suitable to use on kids who suffer from sensory issues.

Even those kids who have been traumatised by years of painful hair brushing, are finally happy to have their hair brushed with a Scream-Free brush. Their sensitive scalp isn’t scratched by hard pins or bristles and the hair isn’t tugged or pulled. Scream-Free brushes gently glide through the knots and tangles.  

The NDIS recognises that Scream-Free brushes can assist children living with sensory issues. Many of our customers have been able to claim the cost of their child’s brush.   

Extend Hair Washing

Few young kids enjoy having their hair washed. They don’t like the shampoo in their eyes, water running down their face and tangles brushed out of their wet hair. By using a natural boar bristle brush, you can stretch the number of days between hair washing. With the scalp oil moving to the end of the hair shaft, the oil doesn’t build-up on the crown leading to greasy, lank hair that needs a wash.

Use Your Detangling Brush Wet or Dry

Some brushes aren’t designed for wet hair. They can pull and stretch the wet hair shaft to the point of breaking. A Scream-Free brush is safe to use on wet, damp and dry hair. In fact, many of our customers use it in the shower after washing their hair. The brush you choose can impact on the health of your hair.

Reduce the Frizz

Knotty, tangled hair is often frizzy after brushing. The frizz is made worse by the hard plastic pins and handles of cheap brushes. The dual bristle technology of a Scream-Free Maxi Detangling Brush will reduce the frizz, leaving hair soft and smooth.    

If your mornings resemble a battle getting your child’s hair brushed and looking presentable for school, it’s time to try a Scream-Free™ Maxi Detangling Hair Brush and experience the difference it can make.   

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